Our team of dynamic and professionally qualified consultants, will help you realize your corporate vision and objectives by  developing strategic frameworks implemented through customized Solutions and Training.


Consulting will be conducted by competent and experienced Spore Group consultants who would work alongside with your organization to define the scope of work or the issue / challenges to be addressed. The consultants will apprise the issues / challenges, design and recommend the areas for improvement and/or solutions from both the systems and people perspectives and assist in implementation as well as measuring the performance levels with the company.


We provide training programs customized to the needs and requirements of the organization. A familiarization session will be conducted with the client in the area of operational structure, job workflow, employees and job profile, etc as well to explore issues at organizational as well as employee level. Training programs are designed for frontline staff, supervisors and executives, middle managers, senior managers. Experienced facilitators and trainers from Spore Group’s Associates and Trainers will deliver training.

Diagnostic Tools

We will assist you in assessing the talents that reside in your organization in unleashing your potential for better performance with the use of complete suite of profiling and diagnostic assessment tools.